Hello there, i'm WereLycanthrope, a 25 years old Werewolf from France, i do some art and some streams.
You can find here the differents websites where i post my stuff and ways to contact me (some of these, especially for gallery can be inactive over time).
you can also find my pricelist for commissions and TOS.

Terms of service

By commissioning or redeeming a reward you agree to all those TOS-You must be at least 18 years old (only exception being other's people raffles i participate to)-Clear references must be provided by the commissioner (clear description and/or visual)- Payment will be made via Paypal-I may stream the process on twitch/picarto or other streaming plateforms unless the commissioner clearly requests the work be done offline-I may use arts made as examples and post those online even if not immediatly (such as portfolio, galleries or else)-Any updates to previously completed works can be made, but may be subject to additional payment depending on the complexity-I'm too bad to draw humans so Anthro/animals/monsters only (except people i know a lot for whom i can give a try)-If you're unsure that i'll accept your idea, feel free to DM me to have more precisions-I reserves myself the right to reject a commission for any reason, whether explicitly listed above or not

here are the type of commissions i propose for now :




- Painted: 70€
- Lined: 50€

- Painted: 45€
- Lined: 30€

- Painted: 30€
- Lined: 20€

Shading + Lighting
- Painted: +10/15€
- Lined: +5€

Shading/Fast shading:
- Painted: +5€
- Lined: +3€


Background (depending of complexity, props may count as background)
-Painted: +20/50€
-Lined: +10/15€

Props (depend on complexity)

No/very simple props